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    SCOPRI DI PIU' Anteprima ILLIMANI T1 Prezzo € 90,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI F2 Prezzo € 140,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI F1 Prezzo € 140,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI T1 Prezzo € 90,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI F2 Prezzo € 140,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI F1 Prezzo € 140,00 - I N K O V E R C R E W - Iscriviti per scoprire in anteprima le novità ed i vantaggi riservati ai membri Nome Cognome Email > Accetto termini e condizioni Il tuo modulo è stato inviato! F O L L O W U S

  • INK PRIMITIVO | Inkover Fashion

    Filtra per Prezzo € 25,00 € 150,00 FIT COMFORT OVERSIZE REGULAR ITEM ACCESSORIES PANTS SWEATSHIRT & HOODIES TSHIRT Size L M S U XL XS XXL Anteprima ILLIMANI T1 Prezzo € 90,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI F2 Prezzo € 140,00 Anteprima ILLIMANI F1 Prezzo € 140,00 Anteprima LOGO T2 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima LOGO T1 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima MAYA T1 Prezzo € 75,00 Anteprima STORMINK T1 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima SMILINK T1 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima BOMBINK T1 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima STORMINK T2 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima SMILINK T2 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima BOMBINK T2 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima CARVER T1 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima CARVER T2 Prezzo € 62,00 Anteprima PRIMITIV T1 Prezzo € 50,00 Anteprima PRIMITIV T2 Prezzo € 50,00 Anteprima SPRAY T2 Prezzo € 50,00 Anteprima SPRAY T1 Prezzo € 50,00 Anteprima SLIDER 101 Prezzo € 90,00 Anteprima SLIDER 102 Prezzo € 90,00 Anteprima SLIDER 103 Prezzo € 90,00 Anteprima STORMINK H1 Prezzo € 125,00 Anteprima SMILINK H1 Prezzo € 125,00 Anteprima BOMBINK H1 Prezzo € 125,00 Anteprima STORMINK H2 Prezzo € 125,00 Anteprima SMILINK H2 Prezzo € 125,00 Anteprima BOMBINK H2 Prezzo € 125,00 Carica altro

  • PRESS | Inkover Fashion

    tv ​ Non c’è niente da fare: i Booda sono di un’altra stoffa. Basta una nota soltanto e questa strepitosa band è capace di tirare fuori energia anche da un morto. Premio assoluto anche per il look, mai lo stile è stato così al servizio del talento.... READ MORE ​ INKOVER ​ U.S. DEBUT ​ Inkover designer, Camillo Govoni made his SS20 Collection debut to a brimming crowd last night as the closing show at The Petersen Museum showcasing ... READ MORE Bologna Born Italian Streetwear Brand INKOVER makes their US debut closing LAFW Thursday night at The Petersen Museum READ MORE Inkover Streetwear at LAFW ​ On Oct. 10, Italian-brand Inkover Streetwear produced a runway show at LAFW. Its Spring Summer 2020 line drew inspiration from Japanese streetwear, tattoos and graffiti. The event was Inkover’s first American runway show.... READ MORE LAFW : Inkover Streetwear Is Taking Over the Future Inspired by elements of hip-hop and urban fashion, Inkover Streetwear brought a collection that focuses on the art of graffiti in LA Fashion Week this year. The brand is known for its form of comics from a tattoo sketch to actual graffiti art. This year, their collection encompassed the idea of futurism with mixed fabrics and laminate material. READ MORE contact us EMERGING" ​ "TALENTS ​ ​ On June 15, Emerging Talents presented 4 menswear designers: Rasena’s Men from Russia, INKOVER Streetwear and Connection Knitwear & Clothing from Italy, and Jatin Malik Couture from India... ​ ...INKOVER collection is inspired by graffiti and underground culture as well. Styles are recalling streetwear designs from Japan. They inspired us to find new ways of the incorporation of custom brand applications to exit the canonical use of logotype. The laminate and reflecting fabrics mix the streetwear with workwear and futurism... READ MORE Emerging Talents is the most international fashion platform of Milan Fashion Week. The aim is to support talented designers to create a professional network that leads to enlarging the sales or even reaching the very first sell-points. Since 2016 the creative project has selected and promoted around 65 brands from 17 countries... ​ INKOVER Streetwear (Italy) SPRING SUMMER 2020 ... READ MORE

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