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What is Inkover?


Inkover is a streetfashion clothing brand by definition, but for us it is much more: Inkover was born from Camillo Govoni, thebdesigner, from his great passion for street art and tattoos, from the desire to express the different art forms  applied on a street style with oriental cuts; hence the need to explode, be noticed and above all to excite with their creations. But most of all, impress and remain imprinted, a bit like a tattoo. Printed on him.

Hence the desire and the goal of creating garments that identify us, not garments to identify with: style and "contemporaneity".


And that's why our slogan "for many not for all": we do not pretend much less we want to please and excite everyone, we would not be Inkover, the goal is to ensure that a kind of feeling is created between our clothes and you: to go out in the street saying "so I have a great deal" as we would say in our Bologna, which as the dictionary would say "you have all the physical and behavioral characteristics to impress", that feeling different and just at the same time.

We started to convey this concept with graffiti, which has now become our hallmark and we will only reveal you from collection to collection where we want to go.


Our hard work and great passion on our part and the desire to believe on your part made us noticed and invited by the Milan Fashion Week first, then London and Los Angeles. TV programs such as XFACTOR were the last major milestone. All results that in March 2018, the start of the project, could not even be imagined! This is why we would like to thank you all, from the first "customer" who believed in us and who still follows our goals step by step, to the last. Now we just have to keep pushing on the gas and continue to impress you, so ... FOLLOW US! IT WILL BE INKREDIBLE


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